5 Tips for a great emo haircut

5 Tips for a great emo haircut
Try to be unique and comfy with your Emo hairstyle in everyday life by expressing your identity by Emo hairstyles.Whenever you find that the common hairstyles you can get at local hairdresser are boring and dull why not try Emo haircut? Maybe you should consider picking up some dye, a couple of scissors and razor and and style Emo hairstyle on your own.First and foremost is to have fun and be original when doing your emo haircuts.

  • First you'll need to grow your hair at minimal chin length before you can start. Any shorter and you may not achieve the wanted look.
  • If your hair is curly you need to straighten your hair. There are a a couple of ways to straighten your hair(pressing,hot combing,flat iron,chemically)
  • When your hair is the correct colour, length and straight you're can really begin styling.
    You will want lots of layers.! Best way to achieving great emo hair is different shapes and length.
    Your hair can be as short or long with "shag" cut, lots of layers with the "emo sweep" at the front, long, side "peak-a-boo" finge, so only one eye is visible.
  • Shape your hair applying a strong gel or wax. If your hair looks greasy don't worry, this contributes to the style and is really considered more emo.
Or maybe you should take a picture of your favored emo haircut to your hairdresser they'll know all about emo styles and most hairdressers prefer you bring a visual reference because then they can see what you want done.
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