Short Prom Hairstyles Ideas

Dos and Don’t of Prom Hair

It’s prom time again. Everyone is getting ready for the big event – prom! So you have your dress, but what about your hair. It is just as important, if not more. You can tie in your theme with the right hair and make your prom unforgettable.

But how far should you go? You don’t want to turn your big night into a nightmare because of your hair. Here are some helpful tips for you and your hair.

Remember that simple is elegant. You can finish off your look with a graceful, sleek hair design.

It is a statement of elegance. If your dress is overpowering, it is best to go minimal on the hair. This hair design is easy and you won’t have to worry about your hair falling halfway through your favorite song.

If you want your hair to stand out more – then messy is in! Just remember not to go overboard. Here is a great design for your night on the town.

Prom hair ideas

You don’t want to look like you stuck your finger in a light socket. Sometimes messy doesn’t equal glamorous.

Prom hair ideas

If you want to try something that is daring and unique – try and be reasonable with your hair. Here is a bad example of when you try an Asian-inspired hair design. You don’t want to look like a bird that has lost its way!

Prom hair ideas

Now, here is good way to mix modern with the past. This 1920s inspired hair design will always be flawlessly beautiful and classic.

Prom hair ideas

Now that you have some dos and don’ts of prom hair, you can start looking for your own design.

If you want to save on some cash for your prom look, try getting your hair done by cosmetology student. Some schools offer a student clinic so future cosmetologists can practice their new skills and it can be more than half the price of going to a salon.
Prom hair ideas
Prom hair ideas


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