2008 Fall Winter Bob Hair Styles For Women

Don't you think it's a time for a change. The fall is coming and there is no effective or quicker way to get a new look then a quick snip of scissors. Find out which of fall's new hairstyles will work best for your face shape, hair texture and level of commitment.

Fall 2008 Hair - THE MUSHROOM BOB

There's nothing better than combining old and new!The Mushroom Bob Hairstyle works best on a medium to light weight hair types and suits best for tall and sexy girls with that feminine touch!

Fall 2008 Hairstyle Ideas

Fall 2008 Hair - THE BLUNT BOB
The Blunt Bob Hairstyle suits best for straight, fine to medium textured hair.

Rihanna's Blunt Bob

Celebrities Bob Hairstyles

Blonde Bob Hairtsyles


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