Are you emo- am i emo??

So you want to look emo? You have an interest in the music, the fashion, or the lifestyle? But you have no idea what 'emo' is?That doesn't matter! Here is how to attain that perfectly emo appearance, and maybe make it a little unique for once
Here are something so should do if you want to look emo


  • Hair is a big part of the "emo" look. It is one of the most important parts. There are many emo-looking hair styles to choose from. Contrary to popular belief, not every emo has short, black, choppy hair (although this screams emo). Some of your abundant style choices include:

  • For girls - Long-ish hair, with abundant layers and even bangs, possibly chunks of bleached-blond sections and other colors, or dyed black.

  • A classic short bob, with or without bangs, black, dark brown, or platinum blond.

  • Pink/black/baby blue/bright electric green layered hair for girls is becoming popular. The top layer is usually cut pretty short and is made to stick out, spiked in a sense. You can even tease your hair.

  • Boys or girls - The classic black and short hair is better worn with long side-swept fringe (bangs) that can cover one eye. It especially looks good when the back is teased up with hair gel. Like Bill Kaulitz when he was younger!

  • Think outside the box. Emo has its roots in the punk scene, and isn't just limited to black. Hair can be dark brown, black, blond, or any color you want -- as long as the cut is expressive of a punk rock culture and has a little emo flare. Wear random super girly hair barettes, bows and clips. It's up to you!



  • Applying lots and lots of eyeliner is an emo thing. All over the eyelids, under the eyes a little too. This is not a good look for adults, and less eyeliner should be applied when at school or work, or where 'scene' kids won't be abundant. Avoid looking like someone punched you. Apply moderate amounts to the bottom, and on the top don't put it on the browbone. Instead choose a neutral shade for that area.

  • The emo look usually includes being as pale as your natural skin tone will allow, so get a whitening foundation of a super light powder. This isn't extremely important so don't go overboard with this.

  • Dark nail polish for girls is recommended. Black is normal but other colors such as dark green, dark purple, or even black and white stripes could work.


  • Clothes make a huge statement.

  • Black/Navy skinny jeans or opt for boot cuts. Wear with studded belt.

Jeans look great when ripped and paired with Converse.

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