Emo Scene hair

Scene hair

What does emo or emo fashion (scene) mean to you? You don’t need to have an answer for that because it means different things to different people! The emo term actually originates from the 1980s where there were lots of emo girls and emo guys with emo hair. However, those emo hairstyles were quite different from the ones you see nowadays!

The variety of emo hairstyles available at the hair stylist or to experiment with on your own are close to endless! The best way to decide on an emo hair style is to look through a large number of photos and decide which one you like most. And when you decided, choose two more and apply those to your hair!

My tips to your are to be always open to emotions and change! Change, in most cases is good and emo people are usually one of the first to experience it as they don’t go with the crowd.


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