Pictures of emo hairstyles for boys and girls

pictures of emo hairstylespictures of emo hairstylespictures of emo hairstyles
Emo has been the latest fashion craze. Although Emo claims that there is no particular hairstyle, there is no denying that these Emo girls are rocking highly fashionable dos that do have a common similarity, although unique in personal style (choice of length and color).

Therefore summer Emo hairstyles can be long or short, with bangs brushed off to the side and pin straight. Dark colors are in for the summer to reflect the bright suns rays this year. Such Emo colors include black, brunette and Dark Red or Auburn. Then adding some pink highlighted streaks will give your hair that special summer Emo look.gurl_Hairstyles_1170957557895_69445.jpg image by Hennessay14 gurl_Hairstyles_1170134634166_96131.jpg hairstyle image by Hennessay14 gurl_Hairstyles_1170818130709_10445.jpg cute hair image by Hennessay14 7a6222ba.jpg scene emo hair hairstyle image by xvballbabe874x gurl_Hairstyles_1178667132052_88734.jpg emo hair image by sugerfree321
Other summer Emo looks include girls wearing their hair in a more shag type look rather than the pin point straight hair. Girls style their hair in the Emo shag and once again have the bangs pushed to the side, but instead of being shaggy, they are straight.


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