Arroyo starts packing, will be out of Palace before noon of June 30

Outgoing President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has started packing in preparation for her departure from Malacañang on June 30, a Malacañang official said on Monday.

“Even before noon June 30, she (President Arroyo) should be on her way out of Malacanang," said Presidential Management Staff chief Elena Bautista-Horn.

Philippine law states that the president and his co-terminus officials should vacate Malacañang before 12 noon of June 30 to give way for the incoming leader and his new staff.

Sen. Benigno “Noynoy" Aquino III, who is likely to win the presidency based on unofficial tally of votes cast last May 10, has earlier said that he would rather stay in their house in Times Street in Quezon City than in Malacañang if elected president.

Bautista-Horn said they respect Aquino’s decision if he wants to reside outside the Palace. “It is up to Senator Aquino wherever he decided to reside once he took his oath of office on June 30 as the newly elected President."

The Arlegui Premier State Guest House, where the president usually holds office, is already being prepared in case Aquino decides to reside within the Malacañang compound, Bautista-Horn said.

“If the incoming President wanted to stay in their residence or live in a condominium then it is up to him but we will still prepared the Arlegui guest house if ever the incoming President changes his mind and stays here instead of the main Palace," she said.

Bautista said President Arroyo, who was elected representative of Pampanga’s second district at the House of Representatives, would reside either in her family residence in La Vista subdivision in Quezon City or in the old Forbes Park home of her parents.

Source: GmaNews


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