Comelec has leads to ‘Koala Bear’

MANILA, Philippines – Who is behind “Koala Boy?”

Election authorities "have an idea" who let out the masked man whose allegations of massive manipulation of the results of the May 10 elections have led many to question the credibility of the elections.

Comelec spokesman James Jimenez said “informal” reports from several government agencies pointed to a “losing presidential candidate” as the mastermind behind the masked man called derisively by Representative Teodoro “Teddy Boy” Locsin as “Koala Bear.”

Jimenez, in a press briefing Friday, said what they received were “initial reports.” At this point, the information is “very very difficult to substantiate.” The Comelec, he said, was in the process of verifying the information.

Whoever is behind the masked man was out “to discredit the elections,” he said.

Source: INQ


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