Australian shot in Israel ship attack—foreign minister

SYDNEY, Australia—An Australian man was shot in the leg during a deadly raid by Israeli commandos on a Gaza-bound aid ship, Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said on Tuesday.

The man has received hospital treatment, while two Australian journalists on the flotilla were both safe after the "terrible and shocking incident," which left nine pro-Palestinian activists dead.

"We are, through our officials, strenuously trying to ascertain the whereabouts and welfare of any other Australians," Smith told public broadcaster ABC.

"We do know in the case of the two journalists that they are safe. So far as the injured Australian is concerned, he is being provided with consular assistance."

Israel has been widely condemned for the attack in international waters, which prompted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to cut short a visit to Canada and the United States where he was due to meet President Barack Obama.

Smith said Israel should launch a "credible, transparent" investigation and provide a detailed explanation.

"Firstly I think it is appropriate for Australians to deplore the violence and deplore the deaths," he said.

"Certainly Australia thinks there has to be a credible investigation. The onus is on Israel to effect a credible investigation."

Source: Inquirer


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