If you really love emo, then you must know ALEX , a great emo boy model! He is some thing about him, and these information comes from his website: http://alexevans.net/alex.html

ALEX EVANS, emo boyhe is a boy.
his parents called him Alexandre.
he turned 18 years old on July 30th.
he lives in Montreal, Canada.
he is an independent person.
he loves to think, and to be alone.
his policy is simplicity.
when he has something to say, he does.
he has a photography portfolio.
writing is a passion for him.

music is something he listens to all the time.
he has over 250 000 friends on myspace.
he has a 15 years old sister.
he doesn't get along with a lot of people.
he created heartbreaker clothing.
he loves to read books.
he tends to believe everything is possible.
love is something he finds hard to understand.
dawson is the college he's going to.
he's always right when he says something.
he doesn't trust a lot of people.
he has a deviantart, just cause he loves arts.
people judge him, but don't know him.
clothes is something he shouldn't buy that much.
he doesn't download but buy music.
he has a blackberry curve.

he also could write so many random facts, but that's enough.

here are some his photos


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