i'm not as good 4 nothing as you think-Life as a Rockstar

Name: Matt
Age: 17
Hobbies: Singing and playing the electric guitar
writing lyrics/poems
Other: piercing between his eye-brows [somewhere there]
his mom is a single mother and has a very good relationship with her.

Name: Clive
Age: 16
Hobbies: playing the electric guitar
Other: Snake-bites
rich and lives in a big mansion.
His parents don't accept his style.
Also his parents are always fighting but they don't want to divorce because of what people may say.

emo boys

Name: Thomas
Age: 16
Hobbies: playing the bass
loves photography
Other: lip piercing in the middle and 3 on each ear
parents divorced

emo boys

Name: Steve
Age: 17
Hobbies: playing the drums
playing video games
Other: snake-bites
neglected parents

Go in the results to get more information about the story

ok xD

The 4 characters that you just met; Matt, Clive, thomas and Steve; are all going to be the main characters of the story, not only 1 of them, but until now they're not friends since they don't know each-other yet.
Another important thing is this. As they are all the main characters, you need to get to know each of them better. So the first 4 chapters, each of them, is going to be dedicated to only character.
So chapter 1 is going to be like this:
i'm not as good 4 nothing as you think-Life as a Rockstar[Matt][01]
and so on.
ummm.... i think that's all.
pls rate/msg...
i think that it's going to be a great story xD
i think it'll be out tomorrow or the day after



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