Salma Hayek Trendy Latino Hairstyles

Salma Hayek Trendy Latino Hairstyles

Mexican-born actress Salma Hayek is a very beautiful woman who is also an executive producer. She always looks wonderful and she has an excellent sense of style. Many women love to copy her hairstyles because they are flattering on nearly everyone and are perfect for many occasions.
Salma Hayek Formal Hairstyle

One of Salma's best styles is where she wears her hair long and straight. The hair is parted in the center and allowed to fall naturally around her shoulders and neck. It's all one length and frames her face perfectly. This hairstyle is great for those who have oval, round, heart, or diamond shaped faces and is very easy to maintain. You should blow dry your hair and use a flat iron to get it nice and straight. Just use your fingers to dry it while you blow dry. You'll need to make sure you keep your hair moisturized to avoid heat damage, and a shine serum can really make a difference if your hair is looking a little bit dull.
Salma Hayek Loose Hair

If you need a great idea for a formal hairstyle, then try this one that Salma has worn. Her lovely hair is cut all one length and is even. She parted it in the middle and then pulled it back. She twisted it into an attractive bun, and kept her hair slicked down so that not a single hair was out of place. This lovely look is great for heart, square, round, oblong, or oval faces and is surprisingly easy to do. Use a flat iron on damp hair to make it perfectly straight, and use gel or smoothing shine to slick your hair down. Hair spray will make sure hair stays put and use bobby pins the same color as your hair to hold your bun.


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