Sarah Harding Trendy Blonde Hairstyles

Sarah Harding Trendy Blonde Hairstyles

This British pop icon has flooded the fashion scene with her white-blonde hairstyle and outlandish attitude in a big way in 2009. She has recently taken the fashion forward approach to her hairstyle by getting a chic bob hairstyle that is rapidly becoming a celebrity trend into 2010.
Sarah’s face is somewhat short in the forehead and overall round shaped, and this new bob was cut high to keep her face from looking rounder. She also can look more seductive with the use of side-swept bangs when she chooses. She keeps the back of her hair short now and uses the angles on her bangs to frame her face in very flattering ways. She has brought out the fun side of her personality with this hairstyle!

Her usual medium length and longer length cuts actually used the same kinds of angles for her bangs. Sarah never seemed to have her hair all one length. She used layers and choppy cuts that always gave her a very modern look. Her hairstyle has always been a clear reflection of her edgy and wild personality!

Sarah has two other advantages – her face is very feminine and she has very small features. So she has it a little easier when she wants to flit back and forth between short and long styles. You can work some angles and lengths for your hair for various face shapes, but do some research online for pictures and descriptions that can flatter your facial features before you choose a new look. No matter what, have fun choosing your new style!


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