Exotic Hairstyles Trends

Exotic Hairstyles Trends

When you are looking for exotic hairstyles look to places in the world that have different hair types than you do, and try to create some of the looks they have.

Look at Tyra Banks or Beyonce, if you have some thick, wavy hair no matter what culture you belong to, you can have gorgeous long hair with long wavy locks that will bring out your wild side! You can show large confidence in your personality with a style like theirs. Just match it to your overall look and tailor it to your face shape.

If you have hair that is straighter, you can go with some Asian looks like the Pixie haircut or a long, sensuous wavy cut. Both of these will accentuate your facial features and draw out your eyes, nose, and cheeks. If your longer cut has bangs that are long or layered, you can also have a sexy, side-swept look that will hide larger foreheads or very angular features and allow the face to look very feminine and soft.

Finally, if you are looking for something cuter, Kelly Osbourne has given us plenty of options last year on Dancing With The Stars for different looks that can work with round faces. She has shown us a wispy look that draws attention away from round faces and creates a balance that gives off a youthful, playful look. She has also shown us a closer, almost-bob style that was curled at the ends for a very innocent look. And then she was able to go with an up-style that looked very spiky and gave Kelly a look with very sensual, feminine undertones!


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