Kelly Osborne Vintage Hair

Kelly Osborne Vintage Hair

Kelly Osborne is the daughter of the well-loved Ozzy Osborne. She has been on the show “The Osbornes” and has come a long way from the girl she was to the beautiful young woman she now is. Her weight struggles as well as her strong sense of self have endeared her to many and she has been on “Dancing with the Stars” and looked incredible on the show. Kelly is not afraid to wear her hair any way she likes nor is she deterred if her chosen hairstyle isn't considered to be right in fashion.

For “Dancing with the Stars” Kelly wore a short, vintage hairstyle. Kelly has a square shaped face, and many styles are hard for those who have square faces to wear and look nice in. Many people with square faces find it difficult to find a style that won't make their face seem even more square. Many avoid short styles under the belief that they will look even worse if they wear them. Kelly has proven that a square face looks great in a short hairstyle. Part of it may be that she is extremely confident and that confidence makes her appear even more lovely than she already is. After all, confidence is always beautiful.

Kelly's hair is styled very close to the head. Her bangs are styled in a curve that swoops down the middle of her forehead and curls right back up. The slight curl in her hair is brought out more by the shininess her hair has, making it catch the light and it looks incredible. Trimmed around the ears, her hair is styled where it comes just along the outside edges of her eyes, not quite touching. This is a good idea for those who have a square shaped face. The swoop of the bangs and the way the hair comes to almost the corner of the eyes helps to soften the lines of the face and it's an easy style to take care of, making it even better.


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