Nantes, 5 others perish in helicopter crash

Manila, Philippines — Liberal Party National Treasurer and Quezon Governor Rafael Nantes plus five others died in a helicopter crash yesterday in a subdivision in Lucena City. AFP Southern Luzon Command spoekesman Col. Generoso Bolina said the chopper crashed at around 3:15 p.m. in Hael Subdivision in Barangay Iyam in Lucena City.

The other fatalities have been identified as Army Master Segeant Alfredo Dominguez and PO2 Randy Roperez, both security aides of Nantes. The other casualties include a pilot and two other civilians whose houses were hit by the chopper. The other civilian has been identified as Rowena Navales, 14.

According to the AFP spokesperson, the chopper exploded 300 meters after take off. Initial reports state that Nantes was about to go back to Manila when the crash happened. There were no survivors.

As of press time, the authorities are still finding out the cause of the incident.

Earlier newspaper reports have linked Nantes and the Liberal Party in protecting drug trafficking incidents in Quezon. This was due to a raid conducted by the PASG, and upon which an investigation was to follow. A few days later, this statement was denied by the PASG in an article in a separate daily newspaper.

The Liberal Party has extended their condolences.

Source: BoholNewsDaily


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