New Punk Guys and Two Common Hairstyles 2010

You are tough, you're different and you are a punk! That's right, you are yourself, so why not express it? You are who you are and you are not afraid to let your personality shine through. In order to be a true punk, you can't just wear the clothes that they wear. You also need to have the hairstyle, without looking like you are a poser. If you think you can be one of those punk guys and pull the hairstyle, clothing style and attitude off, then continue reading this article.

New Punk Guys and Two Common Hairstyles 2010Today, you have probably saw some pretty weird haircuts. Maybe you see some every day, but nevertheless, they are punk cuts. Below, we are going to tell you more about the punk hairstyles.

New Punk Guys and Two Common Hairstyles 2010The Mohawk: First of all, we have the Mohawk. Yes, this one is the most common of them all. Instead of dying the hair blonde, try something different.

New Punk Guys and Two Common Hairstyles 2010
New Punk Guys and Two Common Hairstyles 2010 One time, we saw a guy who had cheetah patterns in the sides of their Mohawk. This made is stand out from all of the others. Electric blue and scarlet red may even work in your hair.

Spikes: This one is also one of the common punk cuts. Just like the Mohawk, with some creative ideas in your mind, you will be able to make them look like you want them. We saw a guy with seven inch spikes that were covered in aluminum. Although, we saw this on Halloween night, but nonetheless, they were dressed up as a punk guy. Yes, it may be crazy, but hey, it's what punk guys do! They let their true personality shine through and do not try to cover it up one bit. If having aluminum coated spikes in the hair is the way you want to go, then don't let anyone get in your way. Rock on!

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