Braiding Hairstyles, Summer 2010

Braiding Hairstyles, Summer 2010

Braids have been around for hundreds of years, and it is easy to see why – they are beautiful. Who hasn't seen a lovely, braided style and thought how gorgeous it was? Braids are suitable for any occasion, and for any face shape. There are many different kinds of braids, and as long as your hair is at least medium length you can take advantage of them. Whether you need a formal, semi-formal, or casual style, you can find braids that will suit your needs and your personality.

One of the simplest yet most elegant styles that you can wear is a braided bun. All you need is a couple of hair elastics, preferably ones that match your hair color and won't cause any damage, bobby pins, and possibly hairspray or mousse. For very unruly hair, you may even need to add in styling gel. To get this sexy look, pull your hair tightly back into a ponytail that is at about the middle of your head and secure with an elastic. Braid your hair and secure with another elastic. Now just wrap the braid around the base to make a bun and use hairpins to secure it. You can add accessories as needed, but this look is great for formal or casual occasions.

If you have medium or longer hair, you may want to leave most of it loose but add a braid or three for a cute accent. This is an adorable look that can really complete an outfit or just give you a cute addition for a casual event. Simply style your hair, but add a couple of braids on one side and let them fall alongside your face, dot your hair, or even pin them back along either side of your head for a cute milkmaid look. This style is simple to do and you are sure to be the only one who wears it. This is a good thing! Braids are so versatile that you can do just about anything you want with them and look wonderful. Try adding ribbons or flowers to your braids for unique looks that are all your own.


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