Cheryl Cole Hairstyles

Cheryl Cole Hairstyles
British pop star Cheryl Cole is relatively unknown here in the United States, but in Britain she is a beloved celebrity. She was first discovered when she performed in “Girls Aloud” a pop star reality show in the U.K. She has also appeared as a judge on Simon Cowell's show, “The X Factor.” This busy woman is married, though her marriage has hit rough times, and she has also released a solo album that has done quite well in Britain. This strong woman has beautiful hair and there are many who would love her style.
Cheryl Cole

One of her best known styles is one where her long hair is styled in big, loose curls that are bouncy and shiny. She has her hair parted just off-center and she has lots of body in her hair. She uses a large curling iron (large hot rollers will work too, ladies) and curls her hair from about the eyes down. Then she takes her fingers and loosens the curls into the loose, bouncy curls that she wants. Her bangs are parted and swept off her face to either side, blending into her hair. This look is great for any woman with any face shape, because the bangs can be used to adjust it as needed. Another cute look that Cheryl Cole has worn is where she had her bangs cut to just above her eyebrows and swept them over her forehead. Her hair was parted off-center and brushed on either side of her head. Her long locks were perfectly straight, smooth, and silky. Layers helped this style to look great, and with her beautiful highlights, this style really appealed to a lot of people. She allowed her hair to fall naturally around her shoulders, giving her a more down-to-earth look.


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